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With our palette of knowledge and experience we give unique color to your dream. With the help of Cleopatra n’joy events, we offer you complete proposals with handmade invitations, candles, favors and centerpieces that will relieve you of the stress of preparation. The creation by us for you of themed events with our own constructions will give the special touch to your event. If you want, we will be by your side all the time, from the invitation to the church, the reception… until the departure of your guests. With knowledge, experience and love for the art of organization and care, we invite you to Ktima Kleopatra.
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Reception Decoration

Romantic, summery, rustic, classic, boho, tropical, glamorous, modern.

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Settlement Ag. Ioannis, Varis-Koropiou Avenue, Koropi


Κτήμα Κλεοπάτρα - Κτήμα γάμου

Ktima Kleopatra is an ideal estate for your wedding, with a chapel, a swimming pool, and a beautiful wedding hall where you can hold your event.